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What is Enigma?

Enigma is a student organization at UCLA that exists for purposes of getting people together who share interests in gaming, science fiction, fantasy, and other shiny goodness.

Both undergrads and grad students welcome!
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NOTE: Until we get a webmaster, these static pages will be updated infrequently. For the freshest news, make sure you join the mailing list and/or check the wiki.

 Now counting down to Enigmacon XI - Spring of 2008
Bruin Guitar Hero Tournament Rolls On
Red Octane has given their blessing to the Enigma Guitar Hero Tournament. The competition will take place at Ackerman Grand Ballroom, Tuesday November 20th. 7pm-10:30pm.  There will be 3 classes competition - Medium, Hard, and Expert - win Red Octane swag!. 

Spectators get in free, no fee for entrants - first come first served registration, limited spots. Bring your own controllers (PS2 wired and wireless ok). 

Signup as a competitor or as a spectator right now!
Meeting Time Change!
Notice: Meeting times have shifted from 8:30pm in Kerckhoff 131 to 8:00pm. Announcements (as read by officers) begin promptly at 8pm, Chaos ends at 8:15pm.
Fall 2007 Recruitment Drive!
Enigma announces its Spring recruitment drive.  Print out the 2006-2007 Membership Form and return at the next meeting .  For new members and current members who have yet to submit a form, or need to submit an update.
Enigma Library Moves
The Enigma Library, now under the care of Shannon Stuart, the 2007-2008 Enigma Librarian, moves to its new home closer to campus. A thanks to everyone who was involves in packing and transportng the collection, which should be shelved and recataloged in the near future
New Books Added to Library
New additions, courtesy of Penguin Group include Heaven's Net is Wide, and The Name of the Wind.
Open Officer Positions
Are you motivated, interested in event publicity, science fiction, fantasy, roleplaying, or gaming? Enigma has several positions available for entry-level leadership roles in a growing organization on the UCLA campus. e-mail president (at) enigmata.org
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  • Screenings: Bionic Woman, Heros, Journeyman
  • Stargate Atlantis Resumes Soon
About Enigma:
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Tuesday Meetings - Fall Quarter 2007 (Sep-Dec):
All meetings in Kerckhoff Staterooms (Room 131), 1st Floor Kerckhoff Hall
8:00pm On Tuesdays (except for finals week!)

Occasional food afterwards at a restaurant of group choice.

Week 0, Sept 25th: Last Meeting Before Alll Hell Breaks Loose.
Celebration of the release of Halo 3, various Randomness, and the last early dinner for a while. We meet 3rd floor Ackerman Union, 3517 at 7:00pm. After this point we will be meeting in Kerckhoff - make sure you make a note of where we will be!

Week 1, Oct 2nd: Welcome party
The Enigma welcome party is centered around meeting new members, playing games (both board games and video games), and eating free food. There will also be information for finding DnD or other roleplaying groups. We will be sending out an e-vite invitation for this event so we can gauge how many people will be coming; please respond if you will be there.

Week 2, Oct 9th: Clayorama
Design and fight with your own clay creations in this unique tabletop game designed by an Enigma alumnus. Leave your enemies clay appendages lying in your wake. *All necessary play dough to play will be provided.*

Week 3, Oct 16th: Game-o-lympics
Can you triumph in the ultimate gaming challenge? Competitors are formed into teams, with each team member playing a different game - including board games, video games, and card games. Members must periodically rotate between games, challenging you to pick up your team-mate's strategies on the fly.

Week 4, Oct 23rd:Cardboard armor, p. 1
Cardboard Armor involves members building their own armor from cardboard and duct tape, then battling with swords made from foam wrapped pvc. Veterans from our cardboard combat last year will discuss techniques for fighting and building armor, and a date for a cardboard armor fight this quarter / early next quarter will be chosen.

Week 5, Oct 30th: Zombie Survival Simulation
Are you ready for the end of the world? The latest incarnation of this Halloween staple goes beyond last year's survival workshop and the prior year's seminar to test your survival savvy - your success or failure lies with the teams you form with other members for this survival simulation.

Week 6, Nov 6th Myth/ Religion in gaming seminar/movie
An informative presentation discussing the profound influence of Greek mythology, Celtic mythology, Buddhism, and Christianity on today's popular Science Fiction and Fantasy. Including: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel/DC comics, Harry Potter, and more. A discussion and movie screening will follow the presentation.

Week 7, Nov 13th: Campus Rally
Campus Rally is an enigma tradition that sends teams across the UCLA campus attempting to follow a series of clues. Visit strange new parts of campus, or discover the weird corners of the portions you thought you knew.

Week 8, Nov 20th: Guitar Hero Tournament
Prepare to rock out on stage in Ackerman Grand Ballroom in Enigma's first-ever Guitar Hero tournament. Come to compete, or just to watch the action. Look for announcements on signing up to compete in the near future.

Week 9, Nov 27th: Book Discussion / Tin Foil CostumingEnigma member Sean will be leading a discussion of Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrel (see here for more info), an award-winning fantasy novel about two British magicians who try to change the world. For those who are not interested in the discussion, there will be a Tin Foil Costuming event.

Week 10, Dec 4th: Video Games night Enigma traditionally ends every quarter with a video games night. Popular games include Smash Brothers, Guitar Hero, various fighting games, and Halo. As many games as we can manage will be on projectors; everything else will go on TVs. Be sure to bring your favorite console.

Other Events: more events...

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 Mailing Lists (to be updated)Meetings (to be updated)Upcoming Events (to be updated)Monthly CalendarFAQs
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